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We are called to be architects of the future, not its victim.
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The Spaceship Academy's Formula
Creativity:  exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
Service: collaborative engagement with the community in response to an authentic need
Impact: a marked effect or influence
Course Structure
Download the course structure document below:

Youth Entrepreneurship Course Structure (PDF)
Top Tier Impact
  • Personalized - designed to guide you along each young person’s unique impact  journey
  • Modular - designed to fit around your timetable
  • Engaging- video library of multiple access point content
  • Authentic - work on real-life problems with real world application
  • Continuous Feedback - with project-based coaching support
  • Topics covered - Strategy, Value Proposition Canvas, Sustainable Business Models, Innovation, Key Relationships, Business-Market Positioning
  • Customized Programs - to support your school’s existing service offerings
Impact Launchpad
Our award-winning programs, guided by some of the world's top changemaker coaches, are dynamic & customizable to meet your specific social impact & sustainability goals.

With the Spaceship's impact launchpad, you will harness the tools, frameworks and mindsets to:
  • Make impactful innovation core to your personal & professional DNA
  • Further your organization's culture of social & environmental responsibility
  • Design & implement a meaningful new project or initiative around a problem you're passionate about
  • Develop greater awareness around critical issues of importance to you
  • Help develop other sustainability leaders within your organization
Student's Takeaway
  • Impact innovations’ fundamentals - Develop changemaker’s mindset  via cultivating a culture of creative problem solving.
  • Human & Environmental Centered Design - Drive synergies to maximize impact by developing new models in systems thinking and sustainable system design.
  • Networking - Meet link-minded people and drive collaborations  through purpose alignment
  • Facilitators from leading universities
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