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In partnership with Z-17 and ChangeNOW, we would like to invite you to the ChangeNOW Summit taking place in Paris, the World's Largest event for the planet. We extend a special  invitation (free) for the last day of the ChangeNow Summit 2022,  taking place in Paris on Saturday, May 21 at the Grand Palais in Paris, featuring a keynote with Dr. Jane Goodall as well as many real-life heroes of change for the Sustainable Development Goals.

In partnership with the global education non-profit, we extend a special invitation to international schools  to have a digital pass for the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris.

You envision a better world but you wonder how concretely to take part in that vision?

For you or any aspiring change-makers in your community who might be interested, they can register their interest with the form down below.  Meantime, more information about the program can also be found here.

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