Impact Entrepreneurship


We've created this program to lead you through the art of building an impactful startup and launching a business that scales. Along the way, discover new mindsets to better understand  the impact you will create in the world and adopt the frameworks that will radically change the way you think about business.

Course overview

Aligning your purpose with the work you do, the projects you run, the business you build is no longer a ‘nice to have’. This course focuses on uncovering alignment of purpose, as well as identifying your potential to create a long standing impact in the world. The fundamentals of impact strategy start here.

You have the potential to design the entire world around you - from systems that are failing us, the business models that no longer serve us and our planet, the products that pollute, and more. This course equips you with the tools and frameworks to start getting your hands dirty with designing solutions.

Staring a business involves a ton of testing and learning from the environment around you. This course guides you through the journey of validating your solutions, testing your assumptions, truly adopting an investigative mindset as you bring your solution to life.

In this section, we ramp up the momentum as you learn how to iterate on your prototype, develop your Go-To-Market strategy, and make your first sales! You’ll also discover how to pitch your solution and reimagine what scaling looks like as you begin to monitor your impact.

This final phase is all about preparing you for the solo flight ahead! Learn to define your value proposition, how to brainstorm new ideas, and understand your users. At the end this section, you’ll be able to adopt a circular design and biomimicry mindset, with a business plan to guide you to sticking the landing.

Key Takeaways

keytakeaways image 1

Adopt the Right
Entrepreneurship Mindset

keytakeaways image 1

Learn the New Way
to Build a Sustainable Business

keytakeaways image 1

Acquire the Impact Skills
and Mindsets to do Good

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Grow Yourself to become
a Successful Entrepreneur


You will never be lost with our hundred of high-quality videos
Build your sustainable business to impact the world
Follow step by step process and self-directed exercises that get results

How The Spaceship is different

The world of tomorrow will not be possible if we continue to design and create businesses the same way. The Spaceship teaches the new technics where social and environment impacts are a natural part of your business' DNA.
Having access to new frameworks + ways of seeing will inherently change the way you see business, build businesses and scale businesses.

The secret sauce?

- A dynamic, self-paced and live learning experience
- Experts in their field who have been curated and trained to deliver the best result
- The combination of impact + mindset + entrepreneurship
- Leveraging the best of all 3 to create the most potential for impact in the wor

Join if you want to

- Create an impact in the world, for people and the planet, but don’t know where to start
- Be up to date with the most innovative strategies in sustainability and impact building
- Sustain (both financially and environmentally) the impactful work that you do
- Actively participate in a new economy, one that is circular and regenerative
- Access to a toolkit that helps you build concrete steps towards scaling your impact
- Learn to facilitate positive change with your peers and your clients
- Rethink the problem, the business strategy and the impact you are working on
- Better articulate the impact you want to have.

Over 150 high-quality videos

42 Self-Directed Exercises

23 Key Frameworks

Join the Spaceship Academy

  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • One-on-one mentorship with growth minded guides
  • Intimate live learning sessions
  • Connect with a diverse community
  • Grow at your own pace

The instructors

Craig Vezina

With over two decades of experience at the forefront of international education, Craig founded the Z-17 Collective (fka ZSchool: The International School of Social Entrepreneurship) & is a leading voice around the power of entrepreneurship for social impact. He has presents at an array of global education, sustainability and impact events, including the UN's Festival of Action, SXSWedu, ChangeNow Summit & many more. Craig is also a member of the global advisory board of Education for Sharing (E4S) and serves on OECED’s Education&Skills 2030 Global Forum & UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative.

Laura Francois

With a focus on creative design for sustainable development, Laura has been working globally empowering startups, nonprofits and governments to maximize sustainability and use creativity in business as a force for good in Canada and Southeast Asia. Laura is a trained social impact strategist and her work has been featured on BBC World News, Forbes, Netflix, TedX, The Disruptive Design Festival (DIF) and Singapore Design Week

Andy Lopez

Andy has extensive experience in storytelling for social impact, namely brand content writing, copywriting as well as bringing people up together.


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