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Impact Courses

To build a different kind of future, we need a different set of tools. Beyond strategy, beyond business models, beyond equations, beyond what is 'known'.

We’re your learning partner in bringing you accessible impact entrepreneurship education for leaders, rebellious individuals and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Whether you’re thinking of building a startup, designing more impactful projects, or creating momentum for your team in solving stuff that matters, our courses guide the way forward.

Learn efficiently

Active personal learning

On-demand videos from thought leaders in the impact space.

Live learning sessions

Join peers across the world to question, discuss and unlock solutions to challenges.

Personal Mentorship

Make tangible progress through one-on-one coaching with our lead instructors.

Build a new mindset

Equip yourself with the frameworks and tools to help you rethink the status quo and design tangible solutions.

Pave your new road

Align your purpose, develop a roadmap for change and start your journey.

Recognition beyond certificates

A certificate is not what we want to offer you, we are offering you better perspectives, more opportunities, open doors and a sustainable future.

Start your journey today

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-"Wonderfully made. Great spirit and inclusion of people with no ideas yet."

-André Vauthey

-"I totally love the positive vibes sent out. Plus the good content. Really motivated to get it finally going for me."

-Claudia Hutten

-"Really enjoyed doing this course and was especially gripped by the videos. Super excited to see where this journey takes me!"

-Gokul Jayaram

-"Loved the Ikigai concept. I will forever see life differently."

-Diego Eguia

How The Spaceship is different

The world of tomorrow will not be possible if we continue to design and create businesses the same way. The Spaceship teaches the new technics where social and environment impacts are by default included in each businesses DNA.
Having access to new frameworks + ways of seeing will inherently change the way you see business, build businesses and scale businesses. 

The secret sauce?

- A dynamic, self-paced and live learning experience
- Experts in their field who have been curated and trained to deliver the best result
- The combination of impact + mindset + entrepreneurship
- Leveraging the best of all 3 to create the most potential for impact in the work you do.

Join if you want to

- Create an impact in the world, for people and the planet, but don’t know where to start.
- Be up to date with the most innovative strategies in sustainability and impact building.
- Sustain (both financially and environmentally) the impactful work that you do
- Actively participate in a new economy, one that is circular and regenerative.
- Access to a toolkit that helps you build concrete steps towards scaling your impact.
- Learn to facilitate positive change with your peers and your clients.
- Rethink the problem, the business strategy and the impact you are working on.
- Better articulate the impact you want to have.

Over 150 subtitled videos

42 Self-Directed Exercises

23 Key Frameworks

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Attend from anywhere in the world
One-on-one mentorship with growth minded guides
Intimate live learning sessions
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