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Uncover your North Star to jump into the world of impact with a clear purpose and mission.
Discover what you have inside that want to drive you to a better future.
This course was designed to walk you through guided reflections and explorations to help you seek alignment in life and in work.

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2 hours
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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

At the Spaceship, we are committed to providing this program as equitably as possible. We offer a sliding scale model for program fees, which helps ensure leaders from diverse economic and organisational backgrounds gain equal access to our program.
The Spaceship receives support from partners and individuals that share its mission to enable first time impact entrepreneurs worldwide to adopt a systems thinking perspective on the problems they are solving. Our community is designed to encourage more entrepreneurs to tackle gravity problems through systems work.
Each scholarship has eligibility and selection criteria. Scholarship applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are carefully assessed by our team.

SDG Innovation Challenge 2021

encompassed by
Melton Foundation & Partners

Designed as a virtual, pan-African ideation space, the SDG Innovation Challenge is a power-house for young people to come together in developing and connecting practical solution ideas to grassroots challenges while pushing the needle of sustainable development on a global scale. This scholarship is for participants to turn their solution ideas further into viable projects.

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Innovative Thinker Scholarship

funded by The Spaceship Fund

Our fund has been created for the purpose of ensuring that no one is left behind. We want to offer opportunities for talented and creative entrepreneurs to unleash their potential to develop innovative solutions to address complex problems within their communities.

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Sustainable Production Scholarship

funded by 200 Million Artisans

200 Million Artisan is a band of passionate entrepreneurs, strategists, designers, and researchers with a shared ambition to transform the artisan economy in India by bridging the gaps in knowledge, resources and partnerships. The Scholarship supports projects fostering self-reliance & innovation in India's artisan sector.

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