Rethink your Impact

Aligning your purpose with the work you do, the projects you run, the business you build is not a ‘nice to have’. It’s essential to driving sustainable change, building movements and creating momentum. 
This course focuses on uncovering and creating alignment of purpose, as well as identifying the potential you have to create a long standing impact in the world around you. The fundamentals of impact strategy start here.



Find your Why

Set your personal objectives by getting to know your values, your talents, your purpose.

Fall in love with the problem

Ideas will come and go, solutions will evolve. But understanding the problems you want to solve is crucial and fundamental to building/designing/creating something impactful. Develop empathy, resiliency and most importantly, love for the problem you’re solving for.

Who faces the problem?

Develop new ways of seeing the world around you, highlighting the human and environmental systems at play.

Uncover your insights

Your insights are like your unique blueprint for action. Information is everywhere. But information without inspiration, direction or understanding doesn’t move us forward.
Learn how to spot an insight and how to leverage them.

Your Problem Statement

Communicating the direction of your work in a clear and concise way is key to a successful project or business.

This course



Uncover and align your purpose


Deeply understand the problem system you want to tackle


Identify and leverage your unique insights


Formulate your key statement to driving change

Key Topics

- Understanding your purpose
- Systems Thinking
- Navigating the positive and negative effects of impact
- The Job to Be Done Framework
- Empathy building
- Insight development
- Framing your impact direction

Over 35 videos

6 Self-Directed Exercises

4 Key Frameworks

The Instructors

Laura Francois:
An impact strategist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of environmental and social change, Laura has spent over 10 years developing creative strategies for systems change. She is the co-founder of The Spaceship and has previously cofounded 3 social enterprises across India, Malaysia and Singapore - as well as directed international non-profit Fashion Revolution in Southeast Asia. Laura is a circular economy mentor at Fashion for Good Incubator Mumbai and The Bridge Incubator Singapore as well as a guest lecturer in sustainability at INSEAD University Singapore, Lasalle College For The Arts and New Campus Asia.

Clement Hochart:
An impact entrepreneur having co-founded six startups before the age of 33, five of which are still growing globally, Clement is an impact entrepreneur at heart. He started his career in 2010 working in the automotive, railway and steel industries before transitioning to entrepreneurship. His key expertise lies in innovation, system thinking and business development.

Laura Francois

Clement Hochart

Web & UX Experience

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